A cunning kitty, who wasn’t happy to share his owner’s attention with another puppy

The two animals living in the same house, that fought for their owner’s attention

The cat named Kilo was formerly a homeless one, but he met Elon in the yard and was ad

taken. He spent many years as a beloved, sweet and loyal pet. But all his life changed when Elon took a golden retriever named Bucky.

The kitty was rescued and the owner considers him being cherished and always getting his way. Elon told, that Kilo takes the best toys, food and attention for himself.

Kilo wasn’t overjoyed to share his owner’s attention with another pet, especially one that was very active. The dog adores the cat and always looks for him to play and cuddle.

Bucky gets into a box after upsetting Kilo. Bucky follows Kilo to where he desires to be near. Then he opens the box’s door. Kilo has been placing his tiny companion in there for almost three months, but the doggy still couldn’t understand what’s happening.

But over time they became closer. Kilo is feeling safe next to his new friend.



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