A couple transforms their old school bus into a beautiful tiny house

A bus like a tiny house

Larger and greater wasn’t the rallying cry of the majority of the population for very long. However, individuals today are realising the benefits of leading a simple life. Maybe this explains why compact houses have gained so much popularity.

It can be difficult to live in a little space, but after seeing what some individuals can accomplish with them, you might just feel like you can. This is what Mira and Jeremy Thompson, a couple from Washington, did when they turned an old school bus into a small house.

The little house is situated next to Washington’s Key Peninsula and is coated in wood shake shingles. You immediately discover that the school bus’ inside is just as charming as its outside when you look within it.

It’s difficult to imagine that this tiny house was once a bus. The room is warm and inviting thanks to the hardwood floors, panel ceiling, and unique bed nook.

In front of the emblazoned tin connectivity wall, the antique woodstove looks fantastic.

Arched doors provide the impression that the kitchen is much larger than the amount is. Look at that old refrigerator!

A view from the loft, as follows:

The little house even has a working bathroom.

The clip tour down below will show you more.

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