A caring man adopted a tiny bear, and this saved his life after he wandered into the village

Nicholay’s farm provided the young bear with refuge, comfort and food.

The exhausted teddy bear was discovered once in the village in search of food.

The village farmer rushed to the rescue of the baby and decided to take him home and take care of him, writes Joe Kahlo for the news.

Nikolay, farmer, now has a unique pet that is too small to survive alone in the wild, and too young to get into the zoo.

Nikolay’s Farm provided the young bear with refuge, comfort and food.

When Nikolay first encountered a bear, he turned to the relevant authorities for help in this unusual script.

Each time he was given the same answer: either to sleep, or release.

Both options will lead to the death of a teddy bear, which Nikolay did not want to do.

In the end, the rural committee issued a passport bear for legal residence in the city.

And, like the name of the cub Vasilisa. Nikolay is going to build a large cage for Vasilisa.

Included with the observation deck, where it can periodically check the cub.

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