A caring and kind farmer saved the life of a little bear from hunger and became his owner

A cute bear, although is small creature, is a dangerous animal.

Nikolai Terletsky calmly lived on his farm and did not wait for trouble. But once he found a little bear. Of course, such a guest could not help but scare. Still, the bear, albeit small, but the animal is dangerous.

Nikolai began to call all instances because with the baby it was necessary to do something. He was not offered a special way out of the situation, there were only two options: either to return from where he got or to be put to sleep.

Nikolai made attempts to find a bear, but they were unsuccessful.

Most likely, the bear came to the village in search of food. Fortunately, a caring man found him.

By the way, Nikolai risked also because the bears were listed in the Red Book, which means that he was also threatened with punishment for the maintenance of a bear on the farm.

To settle the animal legally, he needed to get special permission. By the way, the teddy bear turned out to be a girl, but not particularly affectionate: she does not allow herself to be pushed out by strangers and willingly lets into the claws in this case.

Nevertheless, she was almost equipped on the farm, and Nikolai began to build an aviary for a new neighbor.

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