A beautiful story: a man lost in the cold owes his salvation to a police dog

A police dog squad was sent to the scene of this incident.

The police department of the town of Gerrish (Michigan, USA) was contacted after the disappearance of a man in the forest. A dog squad was sent to the scene.

Thursday, January 20, 2022 8:45 pm Snow covered the town of Gerrish, Michigan, the temperature was low. Despite the cold and gloomy outdoor conditions, the Illusive Man and his partner, Officer Dakota Darsow, searched the snowy area for the man.

According to a Facebook post by the Roscommon Sheriff’s Office, some locals spotted him walking towards the woods and never saw him again. “The officers were concerned that he probably had cognitive impairment”, the social network says.

Lost for several hours, a 58-year-old man owes his salvation to a police dog.

Ghost and Dakota Darsow searched the dense wooded area for less than a mile before spotting the 50-year-old man, according to People magazine.

Fortunately, he was taken alive to the hospital, where he was quickly treated. However, according to the sheriff’s office, the survivor explained that he was wandering around the area and got lost.

Thanks to the shock duet, a life was saved. The cold did not overcome this man, lost in the forest.

The dog received many congratulations from his colleagues, as well as from Internet users. “What a rescue! My compliments to Ghost and his partner”, commented one; “Great job! He deserves some extra treats”, wrote another. Ghost is the perfect example of a hero not wearing a cape…

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