A beautiful story: a kind and caring woman saved a bumblebee and their friendship turned into a legend

One spring, this woman became a participant in an amazing event.

Do insects have a mind, feelings, a special attitude towards people? Fiona Presley doesn’t know it, but she was part of an amazing event last spring.

Spring comes to the Scottish Highlands like an avalanche – Fiona was planting in her garden when she found a bumblebee. It was a strange creature, large, furry, but wingless. As she later finds out, the bumblebee lost its wings due to the virus and this meant inevitable death for it in the wild. But Fiona decided differently and established guardianship over a new friend.

She built a kind of indoor garden in which the best plants grew and other insects did not stray. Fiona regularly put sugar dissolved in water in the bowl so that the bumblebee would not starve. And here’s the amazing thing – every time she passed by, he got out to greet his savior. It was deliberately selected for the meeting.

Fiona protected the bumblebee from the rain, hid it in a warm house in inclement weather, planted beautiful flowers especially for him. The wings never grew back, but the bumblebee learned to crawl quickly. And he never showed aggression or disrespect to his “fairy”.

Alas, bumblebees are not long-lived at all, the average lifespan of these amazing insects is only a few weeks. And Fiona’s pet was no exception, although through her efforts he lived much longer than his brothers. Now all that remains of him is a beautiful story as a keepsake and these photographs.

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