A beautiful sight: this kind and caring police officer stopped all the cars so that the puppy could cross the street

The case of a policeman helping a puppy to cross the street has shown tender.

Those professions that are responsible for the care and protection of citizens, such as the police, have a great responsibility. They must always ensure the well-being of everyone on the streets or when their help is needed, and this applies not only to people, but also to animals.

Most of the officers’ contact with these creatures is associated with rescue work, but they are also present in their daily lives, for example, when working on public roads.

The case of a police officer helping a puppy across the street showed a tender concern for them and went viral on social media.

It happened on Highway 175 in Agustín de las Juntas, Oaxaca, Mexico, and you can see the moment in a video posted to Twitter by photojournalist Jorge Luis Plata.

The footage begins with a street dog walking down an avenue, where it briefly stops at the direction of a traffic inspector named Jorge Luis Plata.

The man gave a signal with his hand to stop, and the puppy immediately obeyed him, he remained motionless in his place. A police officer stopped several passing cars so that the animal could pass safely.

His calm steps show the confidence and security that the little dog felt.

Once the destination was reached, the policeman allowed the cars to continue moving as the priority was “pedestrian”.

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