A beautiful scene: this poodle’s brother was trying to protect his sister from the rescuers who wanted to save them

The rescuers were able to find the dogs and design a method to catch them.

When Hope For Paws learned that there were two puppies living under I-5 in California, they immediately set out to see how they could help.

The Los Angeles-based rescue group not only takes in mistreated, abandoned, or abused stray animals, but also raised funds to pay for their veterinary treatment and find them new homes. And they weren’t about to let the busy road get in their way.

Rescuers, the founder of the organization Eldad and his girlfriend Vanessa, were able to find the dogs hiding under the road and develop a way to safely capture them.

They had to crawl through car tunnels full of dogs.

The dogs survived for several weeks in the sewers, eating food left behind by humans.

With the help of a few hamburgers, the rescuers were able to corner the lithe white puppies with curly hair and gain their trust.

Although these two cuties did not resist, they were still terrified.

They seemed content while they were together and seemed to want to escape but were just terrified. To protect her little sister, one of the dogs even covered for her.

With both dogs, their rescuers were extremely loving and patient.

To reassure the brothers and sisters and build their confidence, they sat on the rubbish heaps.

The dogs really wanted to leave when they realized they could trust their rescuers.

It’s time for the fun part, now that the scary phase is over.

Pepsi and Cola received names and restyling.

The dogs were licked and ran after being washed and shaved off their tangled fur.

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