A beautiful scene: these rescued cats became very attached to the dog and considered him as their mother

When the dog saw kittens he was ready to welcome them with warm reception.

A litter of four kittens was found outside when they were about three weeks old. Laura, a foster volunteer, came to the rescue and took them under her care.

“They thought they belonged to a wild mother, but the mother was nowhere to be seen,” Laura Love Meow said.

Its canine resident, Raylan, has a soft spot for kittens in need and has extended his helping paw to many feline friends. Without exception, when the four came, he was ready to meet them with the warmest welcome.

“At first, the kittens were very nervous about Raylan, but then they quickly realized that they like it when he licks and cleans them like a mother cat.”

The good-natured dog takes great care of every kitten that comes through the door. Even the most shy kid cannot escape her love and finds courage in her.

“Initially, he was my adopted dog, but no one wanted him, and I fell in love. I quickly realized that he was very gentle and loving with small animals, so I started raising kittens instead, and the rest is history”.

“They were just starting to eat solid food and they had poor coordination, the perfect age for Raylan to keep them clean”.

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