6 wooden giants wait for you to shock you. Sculptures as the main parts of the unique quest

You can bring your favorite games into reality, if you want. Follow the example of talented boy.

Hunting games are popular in all over the world and they interest people of different age groups. Thomas Dambo managed to bring these games into reality. He made 6 huge sculptures mainly of wood and hid them in the forests.

This project is not only for fun, but also carries the idea of environment protection, as he used recycled and unused wood.

thomas dambo six forgotten giants copenhagen

These wooden sculptures are positive figures and have helpful meaning in the forest, for example, one of them serves as a way to pass from one place to another.

six forgotten giants copenhagen forest

The next sculpture is a nest for beautiful birds, though it is the smallest one.

teddy friendly copenhagen giants

The author of the realistic and interesting game also provided hints hidden in the forest. If you find them, the rest of the quest will be an easy task for you.

teddy friendly six forgotten giants

little tilde six forgotten giants

copenhagen six forgotten giants hunting

thomas on the mountain six forgotten giantsoscar under the bridge six forgotten giantsoscar under the bridge copenhagen giantsoscar under the bridge by thomas dambohilltop trine copenhagen giants

hilltop trine six forgotten giantssleeping louis six forgotten giantssleeping louis copenhagen giantssleeping louis by thomas dambotreasure hunt map thomas dambothomas dambo cryptic cluessix forgotten giants constructionsix forgotten giants volunteer workerssix forgotten giants assembly

Would you take part in this unusual quest, if you had a chance?

Source: Thomas Dambo | Instagram

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