2 Faces Of Tokyo. The Shocking Difference Between Them

Everything has 2 sides, even if one of them is less attractive than the other one, find ways to represent it correctly and catch the attention.

Speaking about Tokyo the words like modernity, industrially developed and night come to our minds.

Though the city is prominent for its unusual buildings, rhythm of life and busy streets, it has the second part which is nostalgic, old and is the Tokyo after the war. Here you can find traditional suburbs and have cheap drinks.

This 2 quiet different faces of the city inspired Monde to create bookshelves diaromas.

monde back alley bookshelves

He used various methods to represent the exact identity of old Tokyo. He mainly used wood to create diaromas.

To make it easy to have the full imagination of the old Tokyo he used lights to show the city both in the night and day.

monde back alley bookshelves bookend

The exhibition of his work caught attention of people and the artist got invitations to worldwide famous exhibitions.

monde back alley bookshelves dioramas

Public demanded to have these wooden diaromas for sale.

Would you like to have the wooden diaroma of your city?

Source: Twitter

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