This is great: the mare gave birth to rare healthy ponies-twin, despite her age

Not often we are faced with a couple of ponies, this is really amazing.

Horses usually give birth to one pony in the litter, the fact that the Gemini ponies are born in about the same case by 10,000 ponies, compared with three out of each hundred people. This alone demonstrates the uniqueness of this mare!

Tiki’s stallion of Tiki this year turns 16 years old, which is quite a lot for the horse, so her pregnancy will be more complicated, especially if she is waiting for twins. Only about 9% of mares bearing twins are pregnant before the deadline. That is why the Mason family, the guardian of Tiki, insists on regular ultrasound to control the health of babies.

Many people showed interest in the process of the birth of these desired twins!

This cute elderly mother did everything right during pregnancy, and it is wonderful that her charming ponies were born healthy in the horse hospital of Conley and Kunts in Colombia City, Indiana, 2011.

Fat ponies were born in the middle of the night, the first mare weighed 86 pounds, and the second baby – 59 pounds. Although it seems a little lighter, it is very chubby and sweet and even able to stand and walk within 10 minutes after childbirth.

Two puppies, like their powerful mother, are a distinct black and white wool!

The twins were immediately given meaningful names: a pocket woodcock and charming disgrace. They were worried that Tiki would not know what to do, faced with her twins, and that she could reject one of them. But she quickly hugged and adored both of them, Tiki turned out to be a great mother!

Take a look at these amazing twins. What a precious blessing you are all !!

She is a beautiful old woman. Mom needs to rest now! She did more than her share. Let her just enjoy life.

I hope she has help to take care of her precious babies.

Bless you all. Beautiful mom and babies…!

Watch the precious video below:

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