«World’s most attractive sisters»: here’s what the twins Clements look like today and what they do

Girls started modeling careers at the age of 7.😍😍

Once upon a time, the most beautiful sisters Leah and Ava were born in the world. They immediately became famous all over the world at an early age. When they were seven years old, they became models.

Some people say that when babies become models, they don’t have a good childhood and great memories. And some say that this is only a dream.

In our story the mother of these babies really wanted them to be models, and she signed a contract when they were not even a year old.

She did it, but she realized that it would be very difficult because, in addition to these girls, she also had a son. And it is always not easy to go to these shootings, of course.

When the children were already grown up, they were 7 years old, mom offered them to become models.  They have always been involved in swimming and dancing, but when they heard about a modeling career, they immediately agreed.

Mom immediately began to call various advertising agencies and tell them about her beautiful girls. Then she decided to hire a professional photographer, who took pictures of these beautiful girls and she posted them on Instagram.

When she created an account, the girls immediately got a lot of followers. And it so happened that even every post became advertising because everyone shared these photos.

This is how the mother of these beauties became the manager of her own children. Now these girls have become models and their mother is sure that when they grow up, they will decide for themselves what they want to do.

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