Wonderful story where the mother dog immediately began to take care of the orphaned kittens and fed them

Three orphaned kittens got into the shelter, and everything changed dramatically.😊🥰

For every living being having children is just happiness. This dog got depressed because her pregnancy was very difficult, and then the puppies were born already dead.

Then she ended up in a place where she was surrounded by very kind and caring people and so she felt better.

She was stressed, she always gnawed the grate, and the shelter workers were very afraid.

But as soon as three kittens that were left without a mother were brought to the shelter, everything changed.

Mom dog decided that she must be a great mother to these kittens and began to feed them. It was the most beautiful thing that happened in the dog’s life at that moment. She calmed down and fell in love with the babies.

And, of course, these cute kittens grew up and they felt great. Two of them have already found their eternal home, and then they will adopt a dog with two other kittens.

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