Wonderful story, where a cute and faithful bird does not want to leave the person who saved her 37 years ago

The man took the swan to the farm and fed her himself.😊😊

This ordinary man is connected with a wonderful and incredible story. He has been friends with a rescued swan for almost 37 years. A man once traveled with his friends and found a beautiful bird. He saw that the bird was injured and decided to take the swan to the farm and feed her.

After some time, the bird already recovered and was already able to fly away, but the bird didn’t want to leave and always liked to walk along the paths with her rescuer.

The man gave the swan the name Garip, which means «strange». Garip in general behaved like a real person and a friend to her rescuer.

They became real friends. And even the swan made friends with the pets of her rescuer. In the wild, the swan didn’t live as many years as with her rescuer

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