When people saw a lonely kitten that hid under stones, they immediately went to help him

The emaciated and dehydrated baby looked younger than his age.🥺🥺

One day, on the way, the man saw a cute little kitten, which, seeing the man, immediately ran and hid under the stones.

He immediately made a post about this kitten and one volunteer read his post.

A kind and caring woman decided to adopt a cute kitten and take care of him, despite the fact that she had a lot to do.

She did as she wanted and named the cute kitten Mufasa.

The kitten began to live with a woman and gained 100 g in a week.

The kitten feels great in the house of a woman; he has a kind and pleasant character.

Every day, the cute kitten feels great. It’s great when there are people in the world who are very kind and want to take care of animals.

This is a great example for everyone.

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