«What the heirs of the actress look like»: Sarah Jessica Parker’s children rarely appear in public

Looking at this couple, it is difficult to imagine that they wanted to break up.

Everyone’s family has difficulties and the life of Sarah Jessica Parker, and her husband Matthew Broderick can hardly be called simple. It was somehow known that the actor had a relationship with a waitress.

It was very difficult but Sarah decided to forgive her husband and saved her family.

At many different events, they appear together and it is clear that the wife does not regret her decision. Looking at this couple now, it is difficult to imagine that their marriage was once on the verge of breaking up.

She gave birth to their son herself. But their daughter twins were born thanks to a surrogate mother.

Much is not known about the children of the famous couple.

«The son looks like Sarah», «What adult children», «It’s nice to see such educated children», «The son could become an actor», the fans say.

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