«What an attractive figure»: 56-year-old Halle Berry while skating on a skateboard in a bold bikini

Especially for the star, an individual training plan has been developed.😍🥰

Halle Berry conquers millions of hearts with her amazing figure.

No one will actually believe that she will be 57 years old. How can you be so tightened at this age? The answer is one: proper nutrition and sports.

The beautiful Halle chose the best Hollywood coach-Peter, Lee Thomas.

Especially for the star, he developed an important training plan.

Several times a week she is engaged in various sports.

Recently Halle published beautiful photos during skating on Instagram with her coach. The photo shows the beautiful weather of the palm tree and an incredible star.

She is dressed in a bright bikini and a white T-shirt. The hair is simply left down, and also the sunglasses completed the image.

Her coach is also skating with her because the most important thing is joint training. Thus, it gives fitness councils easier and will make the process more exciting.

«Who will join us today? Peter and I urge you to go in for sports today», Halle signed.

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