Unique dog cried and barked at a pregnant woman every day and so saved her life

After a couple of months, the dog started to behave strangely.😊🧐

It has always been proven that dogs feel everything and they are very smart.

This family has a sweet dog named Keola. They adopted a puppy they loved and raised and then the dog reciprocated.

When the woman got pregnant, everyone was very happy.

Suddenly the dog started behaving strangely, barking and crying incessantly. The dog was trying to warn her about something.

At first, Alkhanna wasn’t paying attention but then she went to the doctor and was told there was nothing wrong.

One day, the dog got worried about Alkhanna and her husband took a picture of them. Then Alkhanna posted the photos on her Instagram.

Her friends saw the photo and said it was a cause for concern.

After that, the woman went to the doctor again. When they examined her, they found out she had a kidney infection.

And if not for the dog, she would have died with the baby.

Alkhanna was shocked. She didn’t even think that her condition was very serious. She had to have an operation.

Fortunately, all ended well when she gave birth to a baby.

All the same, the couple was surprised that their dog felt everything.

The newborn was named Lincoln. The dog is always by the baby’s side. And also the dog always takes care of his newborn baby brother.

It’s not a dog, it’s a real angel!

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