«Toned figure in a swimsuit»: 47-year-old Eva Longoria showed a photo where her beautiful figure is visible

Looking at the new photos of the star, it is quite difficult to believe.

After the birth of the son of Santiago, Eva Longoria made all possible efforts for six months to regain the figure.

The fact is that during pregnancy the actress gained about 20 kilograms. According to a celebrity, the situation was aggravated by the fact that she is nature tended to fullness.

However, looking at the new photos of the star, it is quite difficult to believe.

The other day, on social networks, Eva posted a picture in which she poses in a shaggy white swimsuit with long sleeves.

The celebrity, who is now resting in Mexico, decided to do with a slight makeup, slight shade of her natural beauty. However, Internet users, of course, turned the greatest attention to the figure of Longoria.

«She is magnificent», «Great woman regardless of age», «Looking at her photo, I have more and more motivation to finally go to the gym», and «Summer, it’s time to pull myself together», Internet users responded in the comments.

Longoria herself said that a low-carb diet helped her to lose weight.

In its diet, the star focuses on vegetables, fruits, birds, fish, and nuts. In addition, Eva spends a lot of time in the gym. She loves strength training and also engages in jumping fitness.

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