«Tom Hanks cannot resist when he sees the bride»: he arranged a surprise at someone’s wedding

The actor literally burst into the frame, overwhelming all those present.

Famous Tom Hanks is an actor with a great sense of humor.

In general, in the world, celebrity fans always ask for autographs or joint photos from them. Some agree with pleasure and some do not. But Tom is not such a person. He himself even gets into the picture, having arranged funny surprises.

Tom loves weddings very much and when he sees this event always wants to congratulate the newlyweds.

Once Hanks accidentally saw a bride who took a picture with his friends.

The actor without saying anything burst into the picture, and surprised everyone with his act.

It was a big surprise for both the bride and the present.

«We all went to the limousine when he appeared and that he wants to take a picture with the bride. We were all surprised», Rachel admitted.

The actor’s wife was also nearby.

She just photographed her husband and bride and wished the newlyweds a long and happy life.

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