«This is the most incredible thing that could happen»: this girl has the body of an old man

A man maintains a page on social networks on behalf of a young girl.😱🧐

There are people in the world who want to do such things to be in the spotlight. Some of them do not raise any questions, while others are simply surprised.

A man who lives in Japan has chosen a very strange hobby for himself. And decided to maintain a social network on behalf of a girl.

He always edits photos and uploads to a social network. A man, in general, in life does not look like this girl. And if somebody sees photos on social networks, no one can say that he is the same person.

And he takes photos, then with the help of the Face Up application, he changes his face and instead makes a beautiful girl’s face. He became famous and gained several thousand subscribers.  He never thought about hiding his real identity.

«I am already a fifty-year-old man but I have this strange hobby. I always edit my photos», he says.

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