«They were caused by thousands of pounds of damage»: robber burst into the house of the Beckham family

They installed a security system, but even this could not save them from robbers.

The Beckham family lives in a luxurious mansion in London, which costs 40 million pounds. They have a security system, but this did not help in this case.

David Beckham, his wife, and his daughter were at home and everyone was sleeping calmly. At that moment, the thief burst into the house and took thousands of pounds of value.

The incident was discovered late at night when the son returned home after a walk and saw the bedroom where the robber was.

He immediately woke his father, and they called the police.

«The robber got out with things that had not much important for the family», said the insider.

Now the police check the security cameras and it showed that the robber was in a mask.

The whole family is very surprised. Fortunately, they are safe now.

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