The sweet puppy finally relaxed after spending hard life at a shelter

It’s adorable seeing shelter animals find their forever owners

An adorable puppy named Bella spent almost all his life in a shelter.

The shelters in Romania are very different from the ones in the States. There was too much poverty in Romania and the shelter animals couldn’t get the appropriate food. They ate less than they should.

Bella was also underweight and frightened, and also no one ever held or loved her. The shelter life breaks her heart. And the video captures, that a rescue group in Romania took Bella from the shelter and tried to find her loving owners.

The rescuers immediately took Bella to the vet. And she feels absolute calmness sitting beside her new human friend in the car. And after receiving the love she clearly understands her life is going to transform.

Bella was exhausted and the workers of the shelter told the rescuers, that Bella couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t feel safe in her kennel. And when she sits there as a pet her eyes were finally closed. It’s an adorable thing to see him relaxed.

Then Bella’s actions were almost touching. She put her head on her rescuer’s lap. And when they were going to the vet she managed to sleep a little. The car is a calm and quiet place and also the woman sitting next to her is very kind and friendly. The puppies only need to be safe.

After the video was captured Bella has already found her forever family and is enjoying his life. Please share her sweet video. Everyone should see the shelter puppy’s first emotions after being rescued.

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