The most sensitive and wonderful dog alerted his owner about danger and saved his life

The owner realized that the house roof was caught on fire.😊🤗

No one can live without dogs. These unique animals are very loyal.

In this story, a dog which has name-Maggie saved lives. The dog warned him that something was wrong in the house.

At 3:00 in the morning, surprisingly the dog started barking.

When the dog’s owner, Joel Rosa, got up, immediately realized that this barking means that there was something strange had happened in his house.

Looking closely he found that the roof of the house was on fire. Everyone ran out of the house and tried to put out the fire with water, but all this did not help. They called the rescuers who started to do their job.

The flames quickly spread. Joel said that it was a very scary scene. He had no idea how his house began to suddenly burn.

It turned out that the cause of the fire was a lightning strike from the previous day. 80 percent of the house was gone. The good news is that not a single living creature died during that terrible night.

Joel repeated, «This dog is my hero, I love my dog. She’s amazing. I would say she saved my life».

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