The man saw the egg and decided to save it and as a result, he had a wonderful parrot

This man decided to take the egg home and see if he could save the future parrot.

A very interesting case was with Alvin Wills when he was in a pet store. Seeing an egg in a cage, he decided to help the unborn baby and took the egg home.

The female parrot was bought and the egg remained there. Alvin was interested in whether he could save the future chick.

He held an egg in a matchbox because it was very small. Then he put the egg in an incubator.

At first, no interesting thing happened, but a few days later he noticed a heartbeat.

Alvin was supposed to turn the egg three times a day in the incubator, as is done in nature. And finally, on the 19th day, the baby hatched. Alvin was a wonderful «mother» to the baby.

The baby turned into a beautiful cute parrot every day. The baby’s father remained in the store. Alvin remembered this and decided what to do.

He called the store, and it turned out that the pope of the parrot was still there. Alvin decided to bring him home so that he was next to the baby.

It is not clear whether these two recognized that they were a family, but Alvin wants to believe that yes.

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