The donkey was trapped in floodwaters and assisted by the rescuers

Animals always just need our assistance and affection 

The donkey from Ireland appeared to smile after being freed.

A donkey appeared stranded in the floodwaters and then a rowing member saved his life. The woman uploaded the story on her Facebook asking for help.

After heavy rain damaged the gate the animal escaped.

After escaping the poor animal appeared trapped in the field when the nearby river overflowed its banks.

The members of the Killorglin Rowing Club saw the donkey and saved him using a rope and buoyancy.

The shelter worker told, that after the accident the donkey was getting well in the shelter before his stable will be repaired.

And also the founder of the shelter also told, me that the donkey is in caring hands, he is dried and warmed up, he ate delicious food and also their vet examined him and gave him antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.

The vet told, that he has a small bit of water in one lung, but it isn’t threatening and he will recover.

Thanks to all the people, who assist animals in need.


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