«That’s what she is, in fact»: the model decided to show everyone how she looks without any filters

She clearly showed subscribers that people should not trust everything perfectly.😳🧐

The famous actress and model leads a social network and conquers her subscribers.

But one day the model decided to show all subscribers that not everyone is perfect.

She explains to people that even bad lighting can change a photo. A few days ago she posted two photos that the paparazzi took and she didn’t even notice.

You can see that the girl in this photo is not the same as in the photos that she always posts on Instagram. She says that no one can humiliate people for such a figure as they have.

She says: «How people can be so bad that they humiliate others.  Yes If don’t have a press, I have very white skin but people need to find another entertainment for them». The model’s subscribers began to support her.  «You are the most beautiful», «Thank you for being so human», and «You have a very beautiful body».

It’s wonderful that she is such a brave and honest woman.  And she never hides her real appearance.

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