«That’s how he was before being wealthy»: a popular chef showed everyone how he was before he got rich

It’s hard to believe, but he went through a rather difficult path.😳🧐

The famous millionaire chef told his subscribers what he was like before his celebrity.

He became famous not only for his culinary talent but also for the fact that he serves very unusual meat dishes. He opened many steakhouses around the world, where famous artists like to dine.  But of course, this time he decided to tell everyone what he was like before he became popular.

He says there was a time when he had to drop out of his studies because his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for his education. But then when he was 14, he got a job and became a chef’s assistant, and a few years later he decided to open his mini steakhouse.

«I liked being a chef. I wanted to get unrealistic and delicious meat dishes.  Perhaps this helped me become such a chef».

Now the millionaire is the owner of various steakhouses.

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