«She surprised everyone with her birth»: the girl with unusually thick hair became famous all over the world

For the first time, a wonderful beauty became famous at the age of 7 months.😍

One day in Japan, the unthinkable happened. A sweet girl with thick hair was born, and this immediately surprised her mother and doctors.

She already has her own page and many followers from all over the world.

Now she is a year and a half old and her hair is growing so fast.

For the first time, the cute girl went viral on the Internet when she was only 7 months old.

Her mother decided to post a photo of her girl with unusual hair, not suspecting that she would immediately become a star.

When advertising agencies saw a unique baby, they immediately offered to cooperate with her. Basically, there were those who were engaged in the production of hair products.

Now the baby is the face of the Pantene brand. But it doesn’t matter for work.

The mother of the child became a millionaire and, of course, rejoices that the girl at that age has already «signed» the contract.

«I can’t even imagine that she is my girl. I am very grateful to everyone who speaks and writes positive comments to my baby», writes the girl’s mother.

We are confident that it will be in demand model.

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