«She betrayed him»: here is the relationship between Gerard Piqué and his lover after rumors about her betrayal

The football player left Shakira for 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti.😳🤔

When Gerard Piqué and Shakira were together, all sure that they were a beautiful couple and would never divorce. But everything was wrong. After a breakup with Shakira, not everyone liked his new romance with a young girl.

Gerard stubbornly enjoyed the time spent with his new lover. But then something happened that he did not even think about.

It became known that his lover betrayed him with a football coach.

After this news, everyone discussed this couple, everyone confidently said that life is a boomerang and Piqué caught a fatal boomerang.

But what really happens in the life of Gerard and Clara?

Despite all this, the couple still spends time together.

Piqué decided to make his love a surprise in honor of her 24th anniversary and went with her to Abu Dhabi.

The couple chose a luxurious hotel where Clara celebrated her birthday.

But there they will not remain for a long time and this weekend should return to Barcelona.

Then, as always, he will meet with the children, whom Shakira took away from her father, and endless crowds of paparazzi.

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