«Sandra Bullock Found an original way»: a tricky way to Persuade Brad Pitt to Star in the Film

Bullock had to use his trick to persuade Pitt to star in her film.

At the end of March last year, Sandra Bullock finally presented her long-awaited prime minister of «The Lost City».

Fans were looking forward to the release of this picture because Brad Pitt starred in one of the roles. At the same time, he played a typical character-male macho and a skittle hero, from whom almost all women go crazy.

In the Australian show, The Project Sandra openly talked about work on the film and admitted that Brad could not be in it at all.

Bullock had to use his trick to persuade Pitt to star in her film.

It all started with the fact that Janine Thompson, a hairdresser working for both actors, asked Sandra to star in his film «Bullet Train». She, of course, agreed to do a favor for her colleague.

However, Bullock immediately turned to Thompson to ask Pitt to return the service.

«There is nothing surprising. In fact, hairdressers own Hollywood. All power is in their hands», Sandra explained to reporters.

She also emphasized that on the set everyone adhered to certain rules of conduct.

Recall that «The Lost City» is a comedy with an adventure element.

However, most viewers were not enthusiastic about the Harry Potter star in the form of an eccentric villain.

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