«Resemblance to her mother»: the daughter of star Milla Jovovich conquered everyone on the film award

The girl could not but attend such an important event in her career.🤗😍

As her mother once conquered everyone, the 15-year-old Ever Gabo Anderson surprises both the film industry and the modeling business. Fans rejoice at her successes.

The premiere of the film «Peter Pan & Wendy» took place, and in this film, the girl played the main role.

At the show in London, Ever appeared in the outfit of Miu Miu, which is not surprising, she signed a contract with them.

A white dress with a black bow was perfect for a young girl.

Makeup was very natural, she added a little shine and shone there. Everyone admired her natural beauty and how she looks like her famous mother.

That evening, in the spotlight, was Ever, she smiled at photographers and guests of the premiere.

Everyone confirmed that the young girl incredibly looks like her mother.

But the most interesting fact is that Milla Jovovich was against the daughter to be an actress.

But unlike Milla, Ever came from another country did not know the language, but everything was easier than for her mother.

Father-director and mother-actress taught her a lot.

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