Not far from Italy, people discovered a shark with a pig’s face, which won millions of hearts

She was nicknamed the pig because of the grunting sounds that the fish make.🧐😊

Once in Italy, the sailors noticed some kind of creature in the water.  It was a fish whose body was like a shark, and whose face was like a pig. The sailors immediately pulled the fish ashore and began to photograph.

For them, the fish was very surprising, but in science, this fish has long been known.  This is such a shark, which is called the pig shark.

The food for this shark is mollusk and plankton.

The fish made grunting sounds, which is why it was called a pig. This cute fish had some kind of injury.

This species likes to live at a depth of 100 to 700 m, even if left in the water, the shark is unlikely to survive.

The fact that the shark is in the field of the human eye is a reason why we should think about the protection of marine animals.

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