Meet Bruno: The Most Unique and Demanding Cat Looking for His Perfect Owner!

You need to stroke it all the time while the hungry cat fills its belly.😍😊

The adoption center posted a photo of a unique cat for adoption.

This is the case when the cat chooses the person who will become his owner. Bruno is the most capricious cat.

He is a fat cat who loves to stand on his hind legs and it has become a habit for him.

In addition, he is unique in that he does not even come close to food until he is stroked.

And the owner must iron until he is full.

And this is not the end. The cat drinks a lot of water and will have to place a bowl of water in each room. It turns out that the cat is very demanding.

Bruno really likes being stroked. And when a cat lies on its back, it seems that he wants affection, but this is not at all the case.

He hates having his stomach stroked. When he doesn’t like something, he meows loudly.

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