Lion suddenly jumped into a safari machine, where there were a lot of people to ask to hug

The lion climbs into a tourist machine and shows a good attitude.

Wild animals, especially lions, are very dangerous, and approaching them is not the best idea. Let’s not even think about hugging them.

Nevertheless, in this story, the lion climbs into a tourist machine and suddenly shows a good attitude.

During a Safari in Taigan Park in Vilnohisk, Crimea, one of the lions noticed a car full of excursionists and went up to it. Then a lion named Filya jumped into the car and began to lick the surprised tourists. The animal showed no signs of aggressiveness.

On the contrary, a large cat was very tender and loving in relation to tourists. He asked for more hugs, which is why visitors felt comfortable with the fillet. Several people were even able to take a selfie with a giant lion.

It sounds strange and confusing, but the place is known in that it allows animals to interact with people.

However, do not forget that wild creature can take an unexpected step and harm your life.



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