«J Fox before Parkinson’s disease»: This is what actor J Fox looked like in the early years of his life

Here are archive photos of the «Back to the Future» star before Parkinson’s disease

This incredibly talented and successful actor is well-known for his role as Marty McFly. In 2020, he announced retirement after his drizzling career because of his serious disease. Many remember him as one of the stars of «Back to the Future».

Only few know that before his career as an actor, he dreamed of a career as a hockey player. However, his small height prevented him from bigger success. Soon, he decided to try his hand in acting and this became his passion.

After his first role in Leo and Me, he made sure that he was born to be an actor. He was excited and motivated and impatiently waited for other roles in movies.

There were ups and downs in his career but after his role in «Family Ties, » he gained overall fame and recognition.

However, «Back to the Future» became the best-known film among those he starred in throughout his career.


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