It’s great when people manage to spot special animals like this yellow penguin

Science says this condition is called leucism.🧐😍🐧

Once a photographer managed to notice and photograph an incredible creature. This penguin is very unique because its color is not like that of all ordinary penguins.

Science says this is the cause of Leucism. These penguins began to be studied at the beginning of the century, but no one has yet been able to take such a beautiful photo as our today’s photographer did. Here are ordinary penguins but this one is different.

There are very few of them in the world. And among 120,000 birds he was the only photographer with that shade.  He says that he was very lucky to take a picture of such a special creature.

Everyone even liked this penguin when his photo was posted on the Internet. But they always attract attention, especially the attention of predators. No one wants to catch and take such a penguin to the zoo.

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