«It is great that they live»: Siamese twins are happy after separation and celebrate their birthday

Girls have a similar story in today’s history that began when they were born.

Usually, when doctors tell the person that he will not be able to survive until a certain date, his friends and relatives begin to pray for a miracle.

In many cases, the answer comes to these prayers, and the patient quickly recovers, such a feeling that a person has never had a life-threatening disease. Girls have a similar story in today’s history that began when they were born.

When Josie Hull and Teresa Cajas were born in July 2001, the doctors looked at them in shock. In a small Guatemala village, it was rarely possible to see twin girls born with fused skulls. For citizens, this was a rarity.

The non-profit organization agreed to send the girls along with Kway-Alvarez and her husband Vincent in Los Angeles for a 23-hour surgical operation to separate the twins. Dr. Mark Urata, who took part in the operation, said that it was «very risky».

Twenty -three hours later, the surgeon team left the operating room with good news.

We celebrate birthdays

The foster parents of Josie and Teresa surrounded them with the love and care that they deserved. Having matured, the parents of Teresa sent her to school for special children, and Josie went to a regular school.

While Teresa could not move and speak, Josie loved to dance and sing. The girls were connected by an inextricable connection. In 2016, the Gemini celebrated its fifteenth year, which attracted the attention of the media. In an interview, Josie shared that she and Teresa chose evening dresses. She said: «I am very excited. I chose mine, and she chose mine».

The girls lived with a difference of 30 minutes and often talked with the call parents. Josie said that she did not remember anything from her childhood, but with pleasure, she listened to the stories of her mother. Dr. Robert Kay, who worked with the Gemini, said: «None of this would be possible without the care and love that their family invested all these years to maximize their potential».

Currently, Josie is spending time in the non-profit organization «Once in the Room», which adorns hospital wards for children who are fighting serious diseases. Josie loves to fly to different cities in order to remake the hospital wards so that other children feel happy.

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