«His singing was great»: homeless asked the street artist to sing with him and surprised all passers-by

He made a valuable addition to the performance.

Nowadays, street artists are everywhere. There is nothing unusual in seeing one of them in the city. But it is possible that this type of performer is less typical. One cold evening, the British street artist Johnny Walker decided to go to Leeds.

Usually, he acts alone, but this time he decided to invite the guest. Johnny did not think about adding a stray tramp to the series. And, fortunately, he did it. He made a valuable addition to the performance.

The homeless Bernard has an interesting past. They love him and know the whole city.

He is the former cast of Harry Games and the father of two children. He used to be active on the Irish folk scene.

The performance simply does not correspond to the sound of his voice in what we wrote about it here.

You must listen to this yourself.

You also do not regret it if you take the time to pay attention to it. This demonstrates that talented people are everywhere and that you should not always judge the book on the cover.

Watch this video, and then let us know what you think. Would you guess that this person can sing so well? Would you think about his past, especially about what was on television? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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