«His act touched everyone’s heart»: Tina Turner’s second husband gave his organ to save her life

Her experience was first noticed when she moved in with her mother at the age of 19.

Tina Turner, one of many best-selling artists, whose career has been more than 5 years, had a difficult childhood.

She gained fame when she began to speak with her then-husband Ike Turner before starting a worthy solo career. Her extremely effective vocals and energetic behavior on stage saved her from success for several years.

Although Tina left singing a few years ago, from 2013 to 2018 she faced a number of serious problems.

Despite the difficulties, it is completely satisfied that he is alive and feels good after overcoming a stroke, most types of intestinal cancer, and renal failure. Tina spoke about her medical journey in her e-book «Tina Turner: My love story», where she talked about how she found pleasure in the pain.

Tina’s love story, along with her husband Erwin Bach, is beautiful. Having left her cruel first husband, Ike, she did not think about love until she met Erwin, a 30-year-old musical leader EMI.

They fell in love with each other and, in the end, got married in their luxurious property in Switzerland, and Erwin gave Tina to think about one of his kidneys when most types of kidney cancer were discovered.

In the current documentary «Tina», the singer talked about her life immediately after she told that she suffered from the post-traumatic stressful disorder due to the cruelty that she was subjected to Ike Turner.

In addition, Tina expressed a desire to enter the third and last chapter of her life outside the field of vision.

We wish Tina all the best and hope that she will no longer experience any serious consequences.

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