Hidden camera showed how this kind and caring girl spends time with her dog

The dog will really always be near, both in grief and in joy.😊😊

When people have a pet, they undoubtedly attach to their animals and cannot live without them.

And dogs, too, never leave their owners alone.

This is the greatest reason that Jose Perez could not find his soul mate. He had one main condition: the girl had to love his dog.

He had girlfriends, but he parted with them because one of them hated a dog, and someone even tried to pretend that she loved a dog.

But everything was sad until he met Mary. He really wanted his girlfriend and dog to find a common language and love each other.

But from the face of Mary, it was clear that everything will be fine.

Several months passed and they decided that they would live together. They did so.

Once he had to go on a business trip and he decided to install a hidden camera in his house.

He just did it for security or to make sure that the girl will love and take care of the dog.

But after what Jose saw, he calmed down forever, and he is already confident in his choice.

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