«Height never gets in the way of being happy»: a unique dwarf family won hearts

Everything is fine, but the fact is that they are both dwarfs.🥺😍

An unusual but loving family of dwarfs lives in Australia.

Charlie and her husband Cullen got married and had a sweet baby girl and even have a second child. They are an unusual couple and they are happy because they love each other very much.

Mom is 127 cm tall and her husband is 10 cm taller.

Despite their small stature, they live like everyone else on the planet. Two years ago, their first baby was born.

The soapy girl also inherited her parents’ disease. It was discovered after her birth.

Now my mother is pregnant again and this time they also said that the child will have problems.

«Our appearance never prevents us from being really happy and having children. We, like all people, want to enjoy life and be parents. We love to travel, play sports and relax», the wife left a signature under the photo.

Of course, there are times when people discuss them. Some confidently say that they should not have children knowing that babies will probably be born with the same disease.

However, many support the family and their love.

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