Funny cat stole fish and immediately hid in the bathroom, and the owner told about it on the Internet

This story causes sincere laughter in just a few seconds.😊😅

We all know that cats have such a character: they always drag with them those objects that think that they are useful for them.

For example, meat and other products that people definitely do not allow cats to take. After all, they have their food!

And this funny story about a unique cat is a reason for laughter. The main character is an ordinary cat who pretends to be a hunter.

While the man did his job, this cat decided to steal the fish. Having stolen he thought that he can hide in the bathroom.

In his opinion, no one can prevent him from eating his food there.

But the owner found him right away and he did not even have time to try what he stole!

Be sure to look at the form, it’s cool!

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