«From the Barbie XLL into a gorgeous lady! »: The incredible transformation of this obese woman left no one indifferent

She lost 176 lbs, changed her style, and now encourages millions to become their best versions

Here is Kayla who has always had problems concerning excess weight and obesity since her early childhood years. Everything radically changed when her parents bought her a Barbie doll which became the most favorite one for her from her toy.

She dreamed of looking like it and considered herself «a Barbie XLL».

Soon, her weight started to negatively affect not only her appearance but also her health and she could barely walk. It was the time she realized argent actions needed to be taken. She underwent an operation and started to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Her efforts soon paid off and she lost almost half of her weight. She became ten times more attractive and could now wear whatever she wanted to.

How did you like her transformation? Are you satisfied with the way you look?


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