«Fans were delighted»: Shanaia decided to get naked for her last album

Shanaia feels more comfortable in his body than ever.

The recent issue of Shanaia Twain’s documentary «Not Just a Girl» on Netflix opened a gateway for the latest and, possibly, the most personal stage of her career. Country Pop-Sensation recently announced the upcoming release of its last Queen of Me album with the tour accompanying it. And, as the name implies, the plate is completely devoted to self-love, so Shanaia posed naked in the mud for the cover.

At the age of 57, the singer wants this album to personify her overcoming everything that she was too insecure in herself to do when she was younger. It may be difficult to believe in this, given her loud past, but now Shanaia feels more comfortable in his body than ever.

«I was a very uncertain woman, a girl … I was one of those teenagers who, for example, never put on a bikini on the beach», she said recently TalkShopLive. «So I say, well, to hell with this. I did not do this when I was younger, so I’m going to do it now. I’m going to feel and show that I am comfortable in my own skin».

Partially, this manifested itself in a dirty photo shoot of Shanai. She did not share photos but on several tiers of the album she is depicted with naked skin behind the horse and in an almost unbuttoned shirt on buttons. However, the fact that the personnel seem light, does not mean that it was so.

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