Emotional Reunion: Dog Reunites with Owner after Three Years Apart

As soon as he smells his smell, he rushed to the man.

Animals always feel both good and bad. This cute puppy Rosko was at the shelter when he was very small. Everyone loved this puppy very much, but for some reason, he was always sad and did not want to communicate with anyone. This was the reason that the volunteers wanted to know if he may have had a family in the past.

Careful people wrote about him on social networks.

An unreal miracle happened. Some farmers said that their puppies disappeared three years ago. They searched for him for a long time, but could not find their favorite pet.

He was called to the shelter so that he could find out if this is his puppy or not.

When he came, no evidence was required, because when the dog saw him immediately rushed to him, happily wagging his tail. The puppy could not restrain joy and began to cry.

The owner took with joy to take with him a sweet dog whom he called Rant. Now both the dog and the master are happy.

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