Deer saved the rabbit from the hawk; it is still difficult to imagine how he could do it

He fearlessly rushed at the predator and began to kick and bite him.

Once in the park, there was a very interesting case that was visible through the camera. Chris Miller who worked there discovered a dead bird. He decided to watch a video of the park observation to understand the reason.

When he turned on the video, it was visible that a huge bird wants to eat a cute rabbit. The rabbit made loud sounds and hearing it a deer ran to them. The kind deer was not afraid of the predator at all grabbed him and began to bite.

The bird felt pain and danger, and immediately left the rabbit which was able to escape. Rescuing the rabbit, the deer proudly went back to his friends.

The red-tailed buzzard can grow up to 65 cm.

Hawks are very dangerous predators, they feed on more than 500 species of animals from small to large ones.

The most interesting was that the deer immediately ran to save the rabbit. But what was the reason for this? Most likely he heard sounds, understood that the animal was in trouble, and ran to help.

Deer are beautiful cute animals, but sometimes they can be dangerous. Deer, although they look cute but can be very dangerous and can even attack people. But in this story, the deer showed his care and kindness.

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