Cute and wonderful kittens did not want to part with the policeman who saved them

The babies themselves could not get there, so someone put them there.

One beautiful spring day, two Texas police officers faced a problem that pleased everyone.

Officer Joe Bob Atkins performs the most responsible work in the world.

Atkins and his partner finished simple theft in the store when an excited woman approached them and said that her car … was crying. From somewhere below came a strange sound and she was afraid to do something, and suddenly someone was terrible there.

Or, on the contrary, it turned out. When Atkins managed to squeeze under the car, he found two kittens in the deepening of the bumper.

There was no time to take the kittens to the veterinarian, so Atkins and his partner were diluted in a bottle of warm milk and the kittens were fed in turn, patrolling the streets.

After the shift, we went to a veterinary clinic, where they determined the age of the babies-6 weeks and determined that they were healthy. Kittens were transferred to an animal shelter.

He understood that he could not look into the eyes of those whom he saved in order to part with them.

And the kittens themselves fell in love with a big man for this long day, which even veterinarians celebrated. Several weeks have passed since then, and the kittens were transferred to new families, and Atkins sometimes views photos and recalls with easy sadness those who were saved.

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