«Actress surprised fans»: the beautiful Salma revealed the secret of her eternal youth

According to Hayek, the bark of this tree also has a beneficial effect on the hair.😍😊

How beautiful Salma Hayek looks at her age. She repeatedly said that she was 56 but she never did Botox and other interventions.

As it turned out, the famous actress has been using some mysterious remedy for 8 years, which gives her such impeccable beauty.

Of course, this is a wonderful natural ingredient that is obtained from a plant similar to mimosa.

This ingredient is called Tepezcohuite, which is obtained from the bark of the fern tree.

The bark is already in the form of a powder and is added to cosmetic creams and other products.

«This remedy helps a lot with burns. It completely restores the skin», said the actress.

And thanks to this, she looks great and does not do plastic and cosmetic procedures.

We can confirm the influence of this remedy by the appearance of the actress in the recently released film where she plays.

Her appearance is so flawless that she even looks younger than her partner.

Recall that at the age of 41, she had a daughter. Her marriage is considered perfect in Hollywood.

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